Here at Prime Surigical

We Put The Care And Improvement Of Human Life Above All Else.


Expert Physicians

We have some of the best physicians in California. Our surgeons are specialized in a variety of procedures to get our patients back on their feet.

Latest Technology

We take pride in utilizing the most advanced minimally invasive surgical technologies such as the da Vinci robotic surgical system.


With the minimally invasive technology we use, our patients experience faster recovery which gets them back to doing what they love within days.


Our centers are focused on a limited scope of procedures which promotes higher levels of competence among care providers, increased quality, and improved efficiency.

Patient Care

We believe that every patient should feel comfortable and cared for by each of our staff members and therefore, we do our best to provide our patients with efficient individualized care.


We are located throughout Los Angeles and Orange county areas. Discover our locations today and find the nearest Prime Surgical Center that is most convenient to you.

highest standards

Clean facilities with increased privacy and comfort.

We know that undergoing any surgery can be stressful and overwhelming. At Prime Surgical Centers, we focus our efforts on providing you with a nurturing, caring, and safe environment. We carefully select members of our clinical and office team for their specific skills, knowledge, experience,  personality, and commitment to quality and caring.


Our centers are home to the top surgeons with various specialties.


Discover our Surgical Centers Throughout Southern California


Latest in Surgical Technology


What our patients say...

They were courteous and very respectful. The nurses that took care of me during my stay treated me like VIP. I had to spend a night at the center and they treated me just like a family.

Jizelle R.

via Yelp

I had a robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery (complete) at this surgical center. The facility is clean, staff is friendly, check in was easy. The facility had the robotic equipment for this procedure.

Kathy S.

via Yelp

Dr. Nuccion and the staff at Prime Surgical Center are incredible! I had two surgeries within 4 months! My experience at Prime Surgical was nothing short of outstanding.

Linda M.

via Yelp