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Our Centers

Home to the best surgeons in Southern California

It takes a special blend of passion, experience and innovation to achieve surgical excellence. Each Prime Surgical Center is a Joint Commission accredited, fully licensed surgical center.

Our Facilites

High Quality Care with Increased Privacy

Our state-of-the-art facilities offer high-quality care with increased privacy, and utilize the most modern surgical equipment available today including a state of the art robotics with da Vinci.

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Prime Surgical Centers

Our Values

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We Value Culture

Creating a workplace that employs and retains a diverse group of talented people is only one part of the equation. Everywhere we look, we see opportunities to do more. And we will continue to do more because diversity and inclusion are a crucial part of exceptional people management.

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We Think Enviroment

At Prime Surgical we do everything possible to use recyclable materials and to lower our carbon footprint. We focus on opportunities to go paperless to minimize use of energy for the benefit of our dear planet.


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